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Start your own ride from where you are?Become a Hero to disadvantaged and vulnerable children in South Africa

Ride for Bursaries by MotorBike, MotorHome, E-Bike, Scooters, Bicycles or even start a funding campaign and ride on your Smart Trainer for as many miles as you can to raise awareness and funds for the project, foundation or school close to your heart?


Let’s change our country One Life at a time

One Family = One Community = One Nation!

Arriving at the Recreation Grounds of Queen’s College - April 2021

About US

EduVelo NPC (PBO No: 930075482) aims to deliver bursary funding for a quality education that empowers disadvantaged and vulnerable children in South Africa for a brighter tomorrow.

EduVelo NPC seeks to  attract influencers to set up their own riding campaigns, as well as to work together with related School partner stakeholders on collaborative fundraising projects.

The Queenstown Education Foundation (QEF) is one example of a partner relating to a Cycle Tour from Cape Town to Komani in the Eastern Cape. QEF was established in 2013 as a network of schools who collaborate together to transform Komani into a universally-recognised centre of educational excellence. There are currently 11 schools in this network, including but not limited to Queen’s College. See more here:

One of Komani’s educational community’s most popular calendar events is the Queen’s College Reunion Weekend in April every year. For this reason, some Cape Town Cyclists and QEF have identified it as the most opportune rallying point where donors goodwill can be harnessed and directed toward a project that would serve collaborative school partners who have found a home in QEF.

Similarly: you can start a riding project anywhere in South Africa, with the aim of Raising Bursary Funds for Education with a School close to your heart for disadvantaged and vulnerable children in South Africa. 

Join us in the #Cycling2Educate™ Journey today!

Let’s change our country One-Life at a time = One Family = One Community = One Nation!”

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